The Exterior

The exterior images are usually the first impression a potential buyer will see. We use special software to determine the optimal time of day to photograph a specific address. If your scheduled day turns out to be overcast, not to worry. Our editing skills will turn an overcast day into a bright and vibrant looking day and even a hint of blue sky to add to the appeal. Although we provide you with our recommended list to prepare the property for photography, there will be those missed items. A spill on the driveway, trash can, toy or any object not belonging in the image will be professionally retouched out as if it was never there. We pride ourselves on our retouching skills and are unmatched by the competition when it comes to client satisfaction. You job is to sell this property, it’s our job to make it look as best as it possibly can! Special techniques are used to grab the viewers eye without altering the actual property. ALL this is included with no additional charges!

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